Why Machines Need Self-Sovereign Identities

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Machines, vehicles, robots and devices do all kinds of things for us. Giving them Self Sovereign Identities (SSIs) will allow them to do much, much more. As the world becomes even more connected and more machines are hooked up to the internet, the ability for machines to move, trade and interact securely and efficiently becomes increasingly important to life and business. Today’s centralized networks do not enable this. Machines today exist on closed, permission-based environments which massively limit which other machines can be interacted with, what machines can do and where they can go.

Some machines today have identification numbers. Vehicles, for instance, have identification numbers. The two main issues with this sort of machine identity are;

  1. It is centrally controlled — which means that one corporate, government or consortia limits what the machines can or can’t do in terms of provision and rendering of goods and services.
  2. It is one-dimensional — which means that it serves only to identify the machines and their specifications but does not leverage their identity to enable movement, service authorization, trade or payment — drastically limiting what any given machine can create or provide to society.

Giving machines SSIs aims to tear down these barriers and allow them to move, trade and interact with minimal friction in terms of time, risk and costs. SSIs are the critical first building block for a decentralized Economy of Things — an economy where machines can provide and render goods and services to each other and to us — without the need for corporate intermediaries.

Read why here: https://www.peaq.com/blog/why-machines-need-self-sovereign-identities




Building the Web3 machine economy — and writing about it too. | peaq co-founder | https://linktr.ee/maxthake

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Max Thake

Max Thake

Building the Web3 machine economy — and writing about it too. | peaq co-founder | https://linktr.ee/maxthake

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